Kinderbetreuung auf Italienisch

      EUR 12,00
      I offer babysitting in Italian for your baby and child. I am available from Monday to Wednesday from 9. 15/9. 30 till 15. 00 and Thursday from 9. 15/9. 30 onwards.
      I speak italian, english, hindi and a little german.  I have always loved to spend time with children since young age and later my studies brought me to write a dissertation on education. I am mother of a 7 years old boy and I have taken care of him completely by myself until the age of 3 and I have been able to successfully help him deal with three languages as we are a multicultural family. I have experience with other children of different age and backgrounds.
      I am sweet, empathic, reliable, trustworthy and full of fantasy and I can offer a calm, joyful and happy atmosphere for children.


      Alter:25-35 Jahre
      Altersgruppe:Kinder bis 3 Jahre
      Kinder 3 bis 5 Jahre
      Kinder 5 bis 9 Jahre

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